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Voice Lessons

Lothair Eaton

Voice Lessons

Internationally renowned entertainer and Carnegie Mellon Drama Grad, Lothair Eaton is currently teaching private Voice Lessons online, as he is not in NYC at the moment.

Lessons will cover:

  • Breathing
  • Vocal technique through exercises
  • Repertoire
Lothair Eaton voice lessons
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Voice Lessons


  • online
  • Lessons: 30 or 60 Minutes

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Carnegie-Mellon University BFA in Drama


Mel Shapiro, Anthony McKay, Elisabeth Orion, Gregory Lahane, and Barbara Baxley

Beatrice Krebs, Noel Turner, David Craig

Billy Wilson, Myron Nadel: Ballet, Jazz, and Tap

Commercial Edge / The Network:
Scott Wojcik and David Cady

Special Skills

Roller Skating; Speaks German and French

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Voice Lessons

Lothair is also teaching VOICE privately Online, as he is not in NYC currently.

Utilizing all that he was taught at Carnegie-Mellon, and learned in over 30 years of performing around the world, to help young and old singers alike to take their voices to new heights. And to enjoy the process!

If you’re interested, feel free to email, and leave a message for Lothair.